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Based on research and extensive interviews with over thirty diverse women nationwide, STILL DOING IT: The Intimate Lives of Women Over 60 (Penguin /Avery, October 2008) explores the experiences of daring, outspoken, and sensual women who are 60+. These women are living life on their own terms—they’ve raised kids, been in longterm relationships, lost spouses, been divorced, come out of the closet, and now, frankly, they don’t care what other people think of them. They understand just how precious life is. They are pursuing lovers, having relationships with younger men, hooking up with women for the first time, and one found her true love at 80. As they age they’re getting more, not less, in touch with their sexuality, enjoying masturbation and yes, buying sex toys!

Yet in our society older women having sex is still considered a taboo. In a culture that sells youth we tend to see our grandmothers as wearing frumpy clothes and knitting on the front porch, not as sexy sensual women finding romantic love or ranking in the national skiing finals. But the truth is there are countless amazing older women whose lives are nothing like the stereotypes.

Despite losses that accompany older age, these women are living life with more gusto than ever. And with the baby boomers turning 60 we’re in for a huge cultural shift.This is the generation who ushered in the sexual revolution and demanded equal rights. Will they not demand sexual equality and freedom later in life?

Sex does not have to end when you hit sixty (or seventy…or ninety!). Nor do artistic, political, intellectual passions, traveling or having fun. In fact, the good stuff is sometimes just beginning. This book serves as a beacon for women of all ages—partnered, single, straight, gay, from all backgrounds—who look forward to reinventing themselves, enjoying their bodies, and taking risks at every stage in life. Filled with personal, provocative, inspiring stories, as well as advice from experts, eye-opening facts and statistics this book will change the way we think about sensuality, intimacy, personal evolution and identity.

STILL DOING IT: The Intimate Lives of Women Over Sixty is the first book to send out the battle cry, to challenge the myths and misconceptions that surround older women and sex. Women over 60 are still doing it - it being whatever turns them on, from doing humanitarian work to buying a dildo, from climbing Machu Picchu to having the best orgasms of their lives. Sex is so much more than an act - it’s a metaphor for being alive. STILL DOING IT is a call to arms. Women of all ages, stand up! Follow your passions! Fall in love! Get laid!

sexy older women