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STILL DOING IT works to shatter stereotypes while celebrating old age. It's touching, humorous and, most of all, gives an aging nation hope for more fun in the future. John McMurtrie, San Francisco Chronicle

To many people the sex lives of senior citizens is a subject that's best left off the agenda. Filmmaker Deirdre Fishel, however, gives women over 65 a chance to discuss how their erotic lives have not only survived but thrived! Mark Deming, The New York Times

The documentary uses sex as a springboard for poignant discussions of ageism, death, and women's eternal struggle with body image... Through their willingness to bare all, both figuratively and literally, the women who are still proudly and enthusiastically doing it challenge many an assumption about sex in the sunset years. Rachel Proctor May, Austin Chronicle

The heroines of Deirdre Fishel's documentary have broken a taboo almost as strong as the one that prohibits incest. They pursue a sexually active life when they are in their sixties, seventies, and eighties. They are pioneers in resisting the restrictions of an ageist culture and role models to women of the baby boom generation. In the U.S., where women over 65 is the fastest-growing demographic, plastic surgery and youth enhancing beauty products are big business. But rather than trying to turn back the clock, these women insist on celebrating their age and experience. STILL DOING IT is a hoot, a blast of energy, and an irreverent challenge to the ageism harbored by just about everyone in our youth obsessed culture. Amy Taubin, reviewer for The Village Voice

The STILL DOING IT premiere was one of the most provocative evenings in the history of our Television Documentary Festival. A startling mixture of interviews and history, STILL DOING IT raises intriguing questions about desire and identity in contemporary society. After our screening, we had a most animated discussion, a thoughtful dialogue between the panel and audience. You could really tell that the audience was engaged by every minute of the documentary and then immediately had to talk about it with the experts. As our senior population begins to swell, STILL DOING IT will remain ever relevant, the definitive documentary on aging and sexuality. We thank you for making this memorable evening possible. Ron Simon, Curator, The Paley Center for New Media

A sampling of reactions from Sexuality and Gerontology experts; I can think of no population who would not be touched, albeit in diverse ways, by these sensitive, warm, and intelligent women who share their sexual selves in this provocative film. Their sophisticated wisdom is woven into a pattern of sexual hopes, dreams, and reality within a fabric of deep sexual and sensual exuberance. Annie Laura Cotten, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Central Connecticut State University, AASECT member

The cult of youth may govern ads and billboards, but if women can find partners –even at age 80 (as the charming Frances does in STILL DOING IT) age is no bar to sexual expression. Indeed, younger women might well envy these couples their laughter, their open tenderness, and perhaps most of all-in overworked America- the opportunity to fool around on weekdays. Eavesdropping on these thoughtful, vivid women-some from traditional backgrounds, some sex radicals, one a lesbian activist – is fascinating. This documentary will start a million conversations. Margaret Morganroth Gullette, Brandeis University author of Aged By Culture and Declining To Decline

As the baby boomers, the most influential generation in history, age there will be a revolution in the very meaning of aging. This country desperately needs new images that celebrate the truth about what older age can be. The nine amazing women in STILL DOING IT challenge antiquated, ageist notions revealing lives filled with romance, revelations and personal growth. This is a truly important film. Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D. author of Agewave and Age Power

My male and female students were totally engaged and inspired by these groundbreaking older women.Annette Danto, Professor Brooklyn College

sexy older women