“The heroines of Deirdre Fishel’s documentary have broken a taboo almost as strong as the one that prohibits incest. They pursue a sexually active life when they are in their sixties, seventies, and eighties. They are pioneers in resisting the restrictions of an ageist culture and role models to women of the baby boom generation. In the U.S., where women over 65 is the fastest-growing demographic, plastic surgery and youth enhancing beauty products are big business. But rather than trying to turn back the clock, these women insist on celebrating their age and experience. STILL DOING IT is a hoot, a blast of energy, and an irreverent challenge to the ageism harbored by just about everyone in our youth obsessed culture.”

Amy Taubin, The Village Voice


“STILL DOING IT shatters stereotypes while celebrating old age. It’s touching, humorous and gives an aging nation hope for fun in the future.”

John McMurtrie, S.F. Chronicle